Musical theatre as a special art form was formed through the blending of several creative fields. Magic at the musicals are able to tell a classical story in a completely new way, more poignant and profound, and to make an author's contemporary play popular in an instant. In the context of prosaic reality, is it not a miracle, created by music, colours, voice and a powerful emotional message going from heart to heart?

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What is a musical?

It is a theatrical show which includes, in addition to the dialogue between the characters, vocal and dance numbers. A musical is a form of storytelling. The story can have a dramatic or historical basis, tell about love, sincere feelings or contain deep political, philosophical or social subtext. Whatever the storyline, it must be presented in such a way that the audience can enjoy a fantastically entertaining spectacle that will have a real emotional impact.

The genre finally took shape in the United States. In the 1930s, the bastion of democracy plunged into the so-called Great Depression. In those difficult times, it was musicals, colourful, dynamic and lively, that gained the status of an outlet for people in constant anxiety about their future. This circumstance helps to understand the extent to which art has an impact on the psychological state of an individual. In this vein, the musical is the simplest, most accessible, "light-hearted" form.

Broadway is considered to be the conventional citadel of successful musicals. The theatres on this street in New York boast an enviable repertoire, as well as the title of premiere venue for productions that have subsequently become the highest-grossing and phenomenally popular productions. In today's reality, one musical in the Broadway repertoire costs several million dollars to stage.

Musicals are always entertaining and exciting. The incredible effect of watching it, in terms of experience, is achieved through painstaking, laborious work, which invariably remains "behind the scenes". The viewer only gets a chance to see the result. Not only setting of multi-ton scenery (sometimes creators are content with rather modest stage entourage) and staging stunts, but also work of make-up artists, costume designers and all members of creative team whose efforts create other mesmerizing and "touching" reality may prove to be complicated.

Popular musicals

The most popular and critically acclaimed musicals are mostly based on immortal literary works of acknowledged geniuses. There are exceptions, because they bring a note of inspiring unpredictability and suspense to the art with an uncertain mood. Taking a film (for example, The Sound of Music), an original true-to-life story (Chicago), children's poems (Cats) or stories by relatively contemporary authors (Cabaret) as the basis for a musical, producers take risks, but the sweeter the applause of an enthusiastic audience. The list of top musicals grows longer and longer, but there are performances that are already legendary.

My Fair Lady

A story of the transformation of a humble young woman named Eliza Doolittle, who just happens to be in the house of a professor, is a favourite with audiences. The production itself was also highly praised by critics. The musical won a number of prestigious awards. In 1964 a film of the same name was released, the main role went to the beautiful Audrey Hepburn, a style icon of his time.

Jesus Christ Superstar

The absence of dance numbers is a distinctive feature of the musical. The unforgettable Bible picture of the circumstances of the last week of the earthly life of Jesus of Nazareth was recreated on the New York stage in 1971. The production became a cult success, not only because of the religious aspects involved, but also because of the successful integration of rock ballads into the narrative. Interestingly enough, the life and teachings of Christ were portrayed through the eyes of his follower, Judas, whose heartaches and struggles led first to disappointment, then to betrayal, but were never resolved by repentance.

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